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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Young and Naive :P

So I was Goin through some old pictures at our house and came across somthing I'm a little embarrased of!!!! Ok so I used to be a cheerleader! Yea yea go ahead laugh your ass off but I used to like it! But now I hate those stupid sluts! Espeacilly a redheaded one but I don't want to talk about her!!! But Johnny, Dawn, and for some reason Pony would always come to the games or whatever I guess cause he was always with Johnny and them three were the only ones who cared enough to go!!! Anyway here are some pics from my used to be fantastic cheerleading!!!!!

When we were on different teams:

When we were joined teams:


  1. aw Car beat me to it.

    Now I know why Pony went. I'm sure he wasn't there to just see the game. ;)

  2. well yea ik i didnt know that he like me then lol

  3. Haha Brooks, you are looking fine in those cheerleading uniforms ;) lmfao. Now I know why Pone wanted to go XD

  4. thanks brooke! i needed a good laugh! im laughing so hard i have tears going down my cheeks !

  5. yea watevr im happy to make other people laff! and thanx steve? but dawn was a cheerleader too! look at the pic of me n her on the side then look at the pix in the post

  6. haha brookie oh well it was an experience but yes no i understand why pony come to those games -wink-wink- LOL pony oh well its sweet

    and dawn i nvr knew that she was a cheerleader? interesting.............

  7. yea but nobody evr knew i was one either but now they do lmao she's gonna kill me wen shes bak from texas!!!