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Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Missed You...♥

I hadn't felt this in a long time. His lips on mine. I'd been taken by surprise and I usually didn't like that ,but at this moment it couldn't have been more perfect. The way the light from the fireworks hit the water reflecting it into Pony's eyes....
Okay back to now we were in full lip lock :P The cops came by with a flashlight not realizing how late it was. Also  not realizing the fireworks had ended from the time we had started our little makeout session. "You need to go house might be nice you won't get into trouble there." the cop said in a snobbish tone. I NEVER once liked them. I mean...aren't they supposed to be there to "protect the citizens of the city"...never seems to go that way huh? They push us around and treat socs like they're their sons and daughters! -.- anywho back to the story! We got into his car. "You gonna start er up there Pones?" I asked nodding at the ignition. He looked at me. From that point all I remember was somehow getting in the back seat ,making out ,and having our shirts off. Then all of a sudden there was a crash at the back of the car. Not from someone else's ,but from an object. "What the fu--" "Stay here.." Pony said. I narrowed my eyes at him as he got out of the car. I'd waited long enough. I put a jacket on and got out. At first I didn't see anyone. Pony came up behind me. I gasped then asked what was wrong. He laughed and said nothin. Just his friends from school messin around. "Nice way to mess around smashing your car" I said as I glared at Pony's friends behind him. He pulled me in closer and kissed me on the cheek. "It's fine they said they'd pay for the damage" He said calming me down. "No their parents will...doubtfully" "It'll be fine," he said kissing me gently. "...okayy, let's go I wanna do somethin." I said looking from his friends to him grabbing his hand pulling him to the car. "I'll talk to you guys later or somethin!" He yelled back to them. "man your whipped!" they yelled before Pony shut his car door. I looked at him..."What???" "nothin let's just go to the park" I said with a big smile. He smiled back and drove off. We were there for a while. Maybe two or three hours. We were sitting on the bench. My head was on his shoulder and then out of no where some random chick starts going off on Pony. I didn't realize her at first cause it was dark out. I finally saw that it was Raine. She was mad at Pony because "he was the cause of their breakup" and a hole bunch of other shit. I just kinda scoffed and she gave me a death glare. "What are you laughing at blondie!?!" she practically screamed. "Oh nothing just the thought of Pony acctually dating YOU is just......hystarical" I said with a smug look on my face. I grabbed his hand...obviously I can't be alone with him tonight with out getting interupted at all. So when we started walking away Raine grabbed my hair and yanked me back. I fell on my butt to the ground. I just sat their for a second taking in what just happend. I looked up to see Pony pushed up against a tree while the whore was kissing him. That was more than enough for me to want to beat the shit out of her. "Hey you whore!!" I yelled. I grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her face to where I could see it and slammed my fist into it once...or twice...or a lot. I pushed her down so her head slammed against the tree trunk. I kinda cringed at the last part...I felt bad about that. Anyway by the time I was done with her she had a black eye and a bloody nose. I turned around and put my hands by Pony's neck ,who was in pure shock, and gave him a long passionette kiss. His arms wrapped around my waist. "I Love You Pony" I said laying my head by his neck. He held me a little tighter "I love you too baby"

See! See! I posted! I posted! :D

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winta Ball

I'm still a little mad about what the guys did ,but happy they did it too. Last night was the Winter Ball!(: Bryce was back in where ever so Steve offered to take me! I kinda laughed at the thought of goin with him ,but we're friends so it's cool. I called Jamie. no answer....I tried a couple more times. Still nothing. So I went over to her house and started banging on the door. "JAMIE!! OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!!!"...that went on for about 20 minutes. "Eyy kid" Blair said. "Hey!" I said walking in & goin up to Jamie's room. "Go away.." "Nahh!! I'll stay!" I perked up throwing my dress shoes & other shit I had on her bed. She did her...mad frowny face thing. "Get ya damn dress out & get ready! Guys are comin at 5!" We got ready did our makeup ,hair ,all the stuff to get ready for a dancy thing. :P I heard knocking on the door. Me & James opended it and Steve was fixing Austin's tie...Austin shot me a "stfu" look...and I just walked out the door with Steve laughing. We met them at the school about an hour later. With Pony, Raine, Johnny ,and Angela. We went in. Danced had a fun time. James won homecomin court...Queen or whatever. At some point we all changed dancing partners. I was with Austin, James was with Pony, Steve was with Angela, & Johnny was with Raine. I was kinda impressed...Austins acctually a good dancer. Unlike Pony....steps on your feet everytime. Poor Jamie :P Yea that's pretty much it for the dance. I think people were havin sex was crazy. The rest of the night was fun. lol :P

Mmmmkayy!! So when Steve dropped me off at home I saw someone standing on my poorch. I ran up and tapped them on the shoulder. "Hey..uh who are you?" They turned around & it was Bryce! :D I gave him a big hug and kiss, unlocked the door & went inside. What are you doing here?! "How'd you get here?! How did you find..." he laughed. "I heard you talkin about tulsa. Ya know when you were back in Denver?" "ohhh...well I'm glad your here!!" We went back to my room & I changed out of my dress into shorts and a t-shirt then layed down next to him. We immediatley started makin out. :P haha. He started to put his hand up my shirt but I stopped him. "Come on baby...just have fun" he smirked and kept kissin me. Part of me wanted to "have fun" but another part was tellin me to just.....not? I pushed him off of me and told him he needed to leave. I tried pushin him out of my room but couldn't he got in and locked it & pushed me on the bed & started taking my close off. I screamed and tried getting away ,but he was too strong :S. Ya'll know what happens next :P He left & said "Seeya later baby ;)" I just layed on my bed crying...I didn't want to call anyone or see anybody. I felt embarrased.

So what do ya do when shit happens? Ya get into more shit that you thinks good for you. I walked over to the bar. I sat down & layed my head on the table. Tim came over "Hey kid" I looked up at him and layed my head back down. "god what's got you greaser kids all fucked up now a days!?" "Would you shtut up and go away? I'm not in the fuckin mood Tim.." "I was jokin..what's wrong?" I wasn't gonna tell him....I didn't want to and I don't even know him that well. "just stuff :/" "Haha to ya later" I looked back at him as he started to walk away. "Tim!" "yea man whats up?" "Watcha got in your pocket?" I knew what it was...just was stupid then and asked. "you don't want this kid it'll mess up your life" "Life's already messed up..can I have it?" "Sure kid 30 bucks" I gave him 25...he delt with it. I went to the park and sat on one of the swings. I rolled a joint. I saw Kyle do it 947984778947 it seemed pretty easy...& it was. I was off my fuckin rocker by the time half the bag was gone. I stumbled around some. Someone called my name. It was Austin. I must've said some pretty messed up shit to him. "Brooke what did you do.......?" I was slurrin my words big time. "Gimme that Brook" "NO!" I pushed him..."Do you wann a be messed up like I am?"...."I'm not your just you...and I'm just me." I smiled. "No....I screw'd up my got things goin for ya don't wanna mess it up.." "toooo late hun!" Then he started talking about how bad they were blah blah blah...he some how conviced me to give them to him. I almost collapsed ,but he caught me. "Come on I'm takin you to get some hlep. Need me to carry you or will ya be fine?" "I'm fine" I took one step and fell to the ground. "I'm sure you are" He said sarcastically as he picked me up. I layed my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes "We're almost there don't give in.." I started breathin really heavy. "Can I get a doctor over here!!??" I heard Austin yell. It woke me up and gave me a serge of pain through my head. He stood me up when the doctor came over and I backed up behind him. "Brooke I'll be here when they let you out...they'll take care of you I promise.." I looked up at him with a scared look. "oh..ok.." the doctor took me back...put a gas mask on me and I didn't remember a thing. I have to stay here a couple days -.- just cause doctors are stupid and assholes. I got stuck with Tina...that fuckin nurse...-.- Austin came back to the room..."how ya doin." "ehh...I'm doin.." He laughed..."don't scare me like that again..ok? I don't want you getting hurt." "Thanks Austin for everything.." "No problem Brooks" He smiled...then I fell asleep and that was that. :P


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Light at the end of the Tunnel Part Dos!

Small town girl from Tulsa. Raised by drunkin teenagers & abusive parents. I am Brooklyn Cade and this is my story...duh duh...:P
Ok little dramatic? Yes!...all true? Of course it is! but I love you guys so it's ok(:


So I was walking down the side walk past a little store. Toy store. I thought of the gang...what shit we would fuck up in there. I half smiled and looked down then frowned. I kicked a small rock & thought about everybody I missed soooo much. I looked up and saw the coffee shop sign. I sighed and walked in. "Bryce!!! Where are you!?!" "Right here!" He came over and kissed me on the cheek. Then Santa came over. "Brooklyn you've been here two weeks. Do you have enough money to pay off your debt yet?" "Uhmmm.....I think I have to work another week and I'll have enough....oh! can I have your autograph? My friend back home wants it cause she got dropped on the head when she was little(: but it's wierd cause her dad's a doctor and you'd think he would've...." then Bryce kissed me and I blushed. "Rambling agian?" "Little bit haha!" I just smiled and hugged him. "You can have the autograph...after you work!" Santa threw an apron and hat at me. *btw Santa's real name is Cory & Bryce es mi novio (:* I went behind the counter and started making coffee for one of the customers. I worked till nine and got off work. I heard the bell to the door ring and I looked over and dropped to the floor. I thought. "The fuck!? What're they doing here?!" "Have you seen someone named Brooklyn Cade?" "Uhh...yea she's right over...??...she was over there a minute ago...she might be in the back." "Ok thanks man we'll wait." "Bryce!....brryyyce!!" I kinda screamed whispered. I took one of the paper coffee cups and threw it at him he looked down at me and came over. "Babe....what are you doing down there?" "I know them..." I pointed to Dallas, Austin, Soda, Two-bit, & Steve kinda pissed. "oh! I'll tell them your here." He started to walk off. I grabbed him by the hood & pulled him to the ground. "To hell you are!" The guys looked over and I got behind the counter more. "Tell them your closed.." "but.." I death glared him & held the front of his shirt in a fist "" "sorry guys we're closed. you can come back tomorrow though." "Listen man...we know you know where she is. Just tell us." I heard Dal's threatening voice and kinda cringed cause I was scared shit was gonna go down. "We just want her back man...we don't want her getting hurt." Soda said. I sighed...and got really sad. "If I see her I'll tell her you were here." "Thanks man" said Austin. I heard the bell ring agian and looked up. "That the people you were telling me about?....your family from back home" ":/ yea kinda." I'll talk to you later I gotta take care of something" "I understand." He kissed me on the forhead and drove off. I ran out of the door and saw a car take off seeing it was the guys.  I sat down by the door of the coffee shop and started crying my eyes out. A car came back swerving down the street and I could hear the guys laughing. It stopped right in the middle of the street. I looked up...I saw the guys standing there outside the car. I got up and ran over to them. I ran into Austin's arms & he hugged me then put me back down on the ground. "Don't ever leave again. got it?" "I won't I promise" I hugged everybody. Even Dal was being nice. Steve grabbed my arm "Come on we're taking you home." "No! I can't leave yet!" "Brook come on..we drove fifteen hours to come find you...your leaving get in the car." Dal said kinda scary. I backed up a little bit. "I..I can't. I have to do something first...." "Brook get in the damn car!!" Twobit yelled. I started running. Him and Dal came after me. Dally picked me up and put me in the car...I was kicking the whole time but him & Steve kept me pinned down in the back seat while someone else was driving. I felt like I was back in Tulsa, Oklahoma with the socs. Except I was in Denver,Colorado with the greasers...or no. My family who was supposed to be there for me not threatin me with duct tape...-.- Austin. He put it over my mouth and eventually I gave up knowing I wasn't gonna win. Twobit ripped the duct tape off of my mouth and I kicked him in the head. "Ok Brook tell me how you get your foot over your head?" Soda questioned. I laughed and just said "It's what I do :P" It being about 9:40 I was tired from working all day. I fell asleep on Dal's shoulder and took my ride home to Tulsa. Good right? Yea...YOU would think so. :/


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Light at the End of the Tunnel Parte Uno

I jumped on the freight train. Not sure where I was heading. Keeping quiet so the guards wouldn't hear me. I had a lot on my mind. Feeling bad that I just left with no warning...again. It was dark & cold. All I had brought with me was my worn leather jacket from a couple birthdays back from Johnny and Dawn. In the inside pocket was one hundred dollars. And my cellphone...but it died. *note to self -bring phone charger when I run away from home next time :p* It's not like I had service on the train where ever in the world it was taking me. I litterally had no clue. It was too dark to see out so I just decided to sleep. I woke up to someone trying to get the money out of my jacket. He reminded me of Dallas ,but darker ,meaner ,and a colder glare in his eyes. I screamed and he covered my mouth. I bit his hand and jumped off the train. Not realizing it wasn't moving anymore & it was at some small town fancy train station I smacked my face on the pavement and everybody looked at me. When I'm put on the spot and embarrased like that I have no other choice in my mind but to cry. My eyes started tearing up so I got up real fast and ran into the nearest bathroom. I held my hand to my head and saw that my head was bleeding. Couldn't I of been more aware of my surroundings and realize the train had stopped and not fall on my ass? Apparentley not. :P I suddenley wished I was at home. In my bed waking up from a bad dream. Waking up to Johnny making chocolate chip muffins. Waking up to Dawn yelling at me to wake up and get ready for school. I missed it. I wet a towel and wiped the blood from my head and about half of it turned red. I heard a lite tap on the door. "Be right out..." I sighed. I looked in the mirror and thought. Was this really Brooklyn Cade? The Cookie Monster everybody cared about ,but was too stupid to this realize till she was a million miles away from them? I shook my head and threw the towel in the trash and walked out. "Look what we have here fellas." I heard a recognizable voice. I turned around & my eyes practically bugged out of my head. "What's wrong grease? Think your problems could just go away on a midnight freight?" "Bite me you asshole!" "Now now Cade. That's a pretty smart mouth you got there. You do remember who your talking to don't you? I got Angelica. Rhiley Winston. The "precious little kitten" two drunk to cooperate. And that one kid...muffin man" He looked me dead in the eyes with the most evil tone. "Johnny.Cade." A chill went through my body. Yea I was scared. Little Bobby Sheldon could tell too. That wasn't gonna stop me from using my smart mouth. "oh my god your right! you did!!" I fakely laughed. "but uh...ya didn't get me." I slapped him in the face and ran the hell out of there. Ran into this coffee shop. I swung the door open so hard that it hit this guys chair and made him spill his coffee all over his new watch. I only know this cause he started yelling at me. I looked out the window across the street. Bob and his gang where looking for me. "Oooone second sir I'll be right with you." I jumped over the counter knocking over a glass pitcher of hot tea. -.- Glass shattered. Hot tea sent pain up my arm and tears come out my eyes. I heard the bell ring when someone came in. "Come out, come out where ever you are....We know your in here Cade no use in hiding huh?" This was the moment I wish Dallas was here with me. Or I'd been smart enough to not leave home. I heard footsteps and stuck my head up some to see where they were going. Bob pulled me up by the collar of my jacket real close up to him. His rings up against my neck. "Don't mess with me kid you'll regret it." He spoke under gritted teeth. He shoved me back down & I fell to the floor and watched him walk out. "Da fuck happend down here???!!!" I started smiling so big cause I knew the nest words coming ou tof my mouth were gonna be giddy and dmb as shit. I walked up to the guy. Real big and a huge! white beard. I poked him in the belly...."Sir are you by chance Santa Clause?" "Did you by chance make this mess?" "I might've" I smirked. "I'll never tell." "Me either. " He winked and patted me on the head. I was like "oh helll no! I just met Santa Clause! did you just see that!?!? THAT! was Santa!!" Everybody in there looked at me like I was smoking some mary fuckin jane. So I took a cookie and left.(: "Hold on Ma'm you need to pay for the damage you've done." I took the hundred out and frowned. "All I gots a hundred and I need it to get home." "How bout you stay here for two weeks and work for me? Theres a loft above the shop you can stay there until you leave. Deal?" Rule ONE in runawayerie..don't trust no one. "I'l think about it" I walked out. with out my hundred cause he still took it for "the damage" That night I slept on the street. Cold, lonely, and hungry. Practically in a gutter. Wishing I was home with the gang at the Curtis's house. Instead I was in a gutter...and a million miles from hom.e...


Monday, November 15, 2010

Dirty Hands and An Unfinished Job

Soo me and Kyle came home yesterday. lol(: Jamie was happy to see me again. Johnny was kinda pissed at me for just getting up and leaving. :p Kit was mad too for just leaving and not waiting for break. After everyone was done yelling they wanted to see my tattoo. :) I love it. I wanted to hangout with the gang. Like we used to. So we did. We all did. We trashed people's houses. Jumped minnie socs. :3 & stole crap lmao. Then we went out to eat and People asked what me and Kyle did in D.C. I told them we went to some old War Museum. Kinda freaked me out ,but still fun. We went to a bunch of skate parks and Kylie met people there. Had a skate contest...he won. lol. Halloween was fun too. Not the same without the gang. Still fun though. We went to a club. Partied. Got wasted. yea you get it same old thing. :P I think the funnest thing was when we all went out...drunk. and scared the little kids out of there candie. We had about 10 pillow cases full of candy...and some of the other guys got black eyes from the responsible parents lmao. Then I got closer to Kyle cause Socs came in. Heard I was back aparentley. Don't know what I did to piss them off this time. But one of the girls started screaming at me. Blair started yelling and I told her to stop. Didn't yell. Not bitchy. Just..."stop." "Yea! But Brook they...!!" "Blair! just stop. Please?" I cut her off. I got up and walked out of the diner. She followed me. "Heyy! Broke?" she said jokingly "what's the matter kiddo?" I looked at her and started crying. No not crying balling. I couldn't help myself. It was just what happend. It's like I didn't know what else to do. She hugged me and told me everything was gonna be fine. I told her what was wrong. Pretty much everything. She understood and I was....not happy at all ,but in relief she understood. I went home that night. I couldn't sleep at all. I knew what was wrong and I wanted to go. Not with Kyle ,or Jamie ,or Blair ,or anybody I wanted to leave Tulsa and be by my self. So thats what I did. I left. It felt good to just get by myself. Try new things. Meet new people. I'll be back when I feel like I should come back.....I'm not sure when that will be but....I'm gone for now. Love You All <3


Saturday, October 23, 2010

D.C. PAAART!!!!!!! one. :3

Me and Kyle were hanging out the other day ,and truthfully I was sick of all the drama. I asked him if I left Tulsa would he'd come with me and he said yes. So we decided to go to D.C. :D I'm not sure how long we'll be there ,but we will comeback. It's also gonna be a long drive :P buuut it's ok as long as I'm with Kyle(:

So we left around 9 yesterday morning. Yea I know a little earlie escpecially for Kyle ,but we had to leave early to get there sooner? IDK! point is we left early!! It seems like we never stopped driving. He pulled into a gas station to fill up the tank. I went in and got a bunch of junk for us to eat. :P This kid kept lookin at me ,then he came over and tried to put his hands on my n kiss me and shit. I pushed him away ,but he came back and put his hand around my neck. I guess Kyle saw cause he came in and said to the kid "keep your fuckin hands off her or there'll be some problems" I just wrapped my arms around him and we walked back to the car and got in. I kissed me on the cheek and asked if I was ok. I shook my head yes and sat to the far side of the car and just looked out the window and put my head on my arm. I didn't wanna be sad. I was with an amazing person and I didn't wanna ruin either of ours fun time. I sighed and sat close to him. He put his arm around me and he told me he isn't going to let anything or anybody hurt me. I just smiled and put my head on his shoulder and fell asleep. When I woke up and yawned then streched. I kissed Kyle on the cheek and I asked how long till we get there. He said about an hour. So we just talked about everything. It's easy to talk to him...idk if he understands most the time but easy to let your feelings out around him. Finally!! We got to D.C. I smiled real big. Kyle parked the car and we went in to eat. There was an older guy by the table next to us. He asked if we were dating. I said yea and smiled. He said, "Don't let her go. You'll regret it son." I smiled and laughed a little Kyle smiled too and said, "I'm not" and winked at me and held my hand. We left the restaurant and just walked around. Kyle saw this tattoo place and wanted to go look. I don't know what there is to look at ,but he wanted to. :P I don't see how people can be put through pain like that. Some people say it doesn't hurt that bad ,but it seems like it does. :P haha. He opended the lock in this hotel room. ,or he picked the lock not opened it, and we put our shit in there. I layed down on the bed and started thinking. Kyle came over and put his arm on my back and layed down by me and put his head by mine. "What's up?" 'Just thinkin" I said. "About??" I just looked at him. Then we started making out. I stopped him and asked what he thought if I got a tattoo. He kissed me a little more and said it'd be hot. :P I kept thinking. I don't want one that's outrageous. Maybe just a small one? We went back to the tattoo place. He asked if I was sure...It's permanent. blah blah. I shook my head yes kinda scared. Not about what I was about to do. Just about the pain. I layed down on the table thing ,Kyle stuck out his hand. I wasn't about to go through that without him. After it was done I looked in the mirror and was happy. I couldn't stop smiling. It hurt like hell to get though..
Eh this is enough  I'll post about the rest later. :D

Brooks <3
The tat I got <3

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Long Time No See :O

I was sitting in my room with cupcake(: Johnny walked by and scoffed. I just rolled my eyes and threw her ball down the hallway so she attacked Johnny's ankle. He screamed my name I ran and scooped her up and put her on my bed and tapped her nose. I layed down and started thinking. Cupcakes are Cristy's thing...not mine. :/ and I don't wanna name my dog muffin....xD. They aren't my thing either...Cookies are...Johnny came in. "If you don't keep your dumb dog out of my space I'll..." "She'll stay out of your way." I cut him off. "Good!" He glared at me. I picked her up and put on her studded pink leash to take her for a walk. I put her down and looked at the stuffed cookie monster Austin got me from New York then walked out the door. I was thinkin of a new name. Cookie Monster is my is Cookie'd be wierd to name my dog after me. :P A soc car drove by me and splashed me with water....It'd had miraculously been raining that night and water was still in the street. I was soaked with dirty water...and so was Cupcake. :/ I didn't really want to walk all the way back to my I walked around covered in dirty street water. :P I stopped by the gas station to get a drink. I walked in and the clerk guy said I had to leave my dog outside...I looked  down and her and half frowned kinda. I asked if I could just get a drink real fast and he raised his voice "No! Pets! Miss!" and did a stupid chuckle. I glared at him. I tied up Cupcake outside to a telephone pole. I got my drink and slammed my money on the counter. "Keep the change cheap skate!" I said as I walked out. I was outside she wasn't there. I looked around and saw my dog running. Not just running like really fast. I dropped my soda and took off. Some kids picked her up in and got in their car. I screamed at them ,but they'd already taken off. I started crying. Hard. I loved that dog ,and I was too stupid and didn't try hard enough I guess. I walked to the Tasty Freeze to see Elena. I walked in and she asked what was wrong and I told her. "Aww Brookie I'm so sorry" She said frowning and hugging me. A bell rang and a kid about two years older than me came in the door holding a crate. I looked at him excited. "Benny?!" "BROOK!!" he sat the crate down and I ran and gave him a hug. "Hey cousin what's happening I haven't seen you in a while..I missed you" He laughed. "I missed you too! What are you doing in Tulsa???" He smiled and told me our uncle got a job out here. "Cool!" I said...then looked at the crate and tapped it then looked back at Benjamin. :P What's in there? "Just a dog haha" I heard yelping and opened it up. It was Cupcake!!! I heard teh door ring again. "Hey! That's our dog we found him on the street you piece of trash!!" He said slamming his shake on the table. I came out with her and looked up at him and smirked. It was my other cousin Cesar. Haha. "Oh. Well look what we have here's our dear cousin Brooklyn"
Benny laughed. He was the same age as me...our birthday was only a day apart so we've always been close.(: I find it wierd how my mom and my aunt decided to pop us out only a day's kinda wierd. :P I got up and hugged him. He nugded me in the arm and took a drink of his shake. "Sup cuz?" He said as he nodded his head and leaned against the table trying to look cool. The table started to tip so he fell on his ass. "Nothing much...,but uh...looks like your takin a trip xP" I laughed." Hey we're were gonna go do something wanna come with us?" Benny asked. "Yea!" I said cheerfully. I dropped off cupcake at my house. They asked what there was to do around here....and I realized for the first time that Tulsa is really boring. My mind went blank. "Uh? There' or...a fight. theres usually a party everynow and then." I said trying to think. They just stared at me. "Ok! let me think" I sat on a bench. "Let's go bother some socs" I smirked. They both looked confused as hell ,and from being way up north they didn't know what a soc was. "It's fun trust me!" I linked arms with them and started walking down the street. We wen to te mall. ALWAYS so many socs to fuck with there. ;) I walked in the haircutting place and I pointed out one of the socs in there and she glared at me. We sat down and I told them to stay here. I snuck into the back of the shop and put on a uniform to work there. "NEXT!!" I screamed. I turned around real fast so the soc wouldn't see me "I'd like a quick rinse and a short trim" "Will do!" I led her to the sink and made her close her eyes and told Cesar to come back. I took his shake and dumped it in the soc girls hair. He started laughing when she jumped cause it was still cold. I "rinsed" it out and led her back to the chair and told her to keep her eyes closed so it'd be a surprise. I told Benny to come back and I asked for his blade. He handed it to me cautisouly. "OW!" the soc snapped. "WTH ARE YOU USING A BLADE?!?!" "Hella No-a" Cesar SUCKS at faking an italian accent. I smacked him in the stomach. I let the guys do the rest of the work on the chick's hair. "All finished! Open up!!" We heard screaming down the mall cooridoor. We ran into a cookie shop and sat at a table and started laughing real hard. A waitress came by and asked what we wanted. "A big cookie!" I said..."annd three smoothies!" she came back with the cookie and check. our drinks were sitting on the counter still. The waitress started to walk away and Benny slapped her ass. She let out a shriek so loud it about busted my ear drum. Benny leaned toward me "Think we should run?" "Oh yea." We all took a hunk of the cookie and booked it. We sat on the swings at the park and the little trouble maker decided to throw his hunk of cookie at me. It got all in my hair...I mean it was still soaked with dirty street water so it kinda stuck -.- "Thanks ,Thanks a lot Cesar" I said glaring at him. A car drove up and stopped by us. It was my uncle. I smiled real big and gave him a hug. He uncle asked if I needed a ride home and said it was ok. I'd just walk.  He said ok and drove off. I started to walk home and someone ran up behind me and spun me around then put me down. I turned around to see Kyle. "What are you doing here!?" "Oh well sorry I'll leave then." I grabbed his hand and gave him a hug. I sat on the swing and he started to push me. "So..did you have fun with out me today?" He asked. I laughed "Well!! if I do say so myself it was marveolous, Hey! you like chocolate chip?" "What??" He came infront of me. "Do you like chocolate chip?" "Yea I guess why Broc?" "Psh no reason." I said as I started to run home. "Hey where you goin??" he yelled to me. "To see ChocolateChip! Duh!" I yelled back. He looked so confused ,but I'll make it up to him later. I ran in and picked up my dog....Johnny walked in. "Hey John John guess what!! I'm changing Cupcakes name to ChocolateChip!" He looked at me and laughed...."'s better then that shitty name you had before."  

~Brookie Cooookie Cade :D~

P.S. down there are my cousins :D

Cesar xD